High-performance interlocking composite mats

Spartan Composites launches Advance Mat, a solution that is engineered ground up for strength and performance. With its overlapping and interlocking design, these mats effectively distribute weight of heavy loads in rough conditions.

High-performance interlocking composite mats
Its innovative joint system prevents tire damage, trip hazards and minimizes mud ingress. At 420 lbs, Advance Mat is easier and safer to transport and install than alternative matting systems, yet lacks none of the strength or longevity expected in a Spartan Mat.

The Advance Mat provides an opportunity to save on freight costs. Up to 96 mats (6,567 sqft of usable matting surface) can be shipped on standard 53’ foot flatbed trucks, and 90 mats in 40’ foot ISO shipping containers. Advance Mat is manufactured from the highest quality virgin composite materials, with special proprietary additives to address thermal expansion, UV resistance, anti-static properties, while still providing high rigidity and impact resistance.

The Advance Mat offers multidirectional grip and a two-sided tread making it ideal for rubber tire and tracked vehicles, as well as pedestrians. One surface is designed to provide traction and slip resistance to personnel, while the other side is built with a much more aggressive profile, providing greater traction for vehicles. Both patterns have been designed to be easily cleaned and to function well in muddy, sandy, rocky and other common on-site substances such as oil and grease. 


High-performance interlocking composite mats
The Advance Mat has a Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) chip inside each and every mat for tracking and inventory control. Each tag contains electronically stored information, making your mats easy to identify and locate.

Advance Mat incorporates flanges on both sides, allowing panels to be connected in all directions. The proprietary connection system consists of a self-aligning, threaded locking mechanism. Flanges are solid composite material for added durability, designed using a heavy radius, which provides additional strength and share resistance. All locking components are made from nitrate coated steel that will not rust, break or corrode.

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