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Xantu.Layr is an interlaminar reinforcement veil consisting of tough thermoplastic nanofibers which have the ability to greatly enhance the performance of composite materials.

The nanofibres used are produced in the form of non-woven webs consisting of kilometre long fibres which can be used to reinforce the resin rich interlayers of composite laminates. These nanofibres are carefully produced by a team of experts at Revolution Fibres using an unique Sonic Electrospinning technology, developed in New Zealand.

Xantu.Layr under the microscope

Xantu.Layr has the ability to improve composite mechanical properties, especially interlaminar fracture toughness, impact resistance and fatigue life, without having detrimental effects on other mechanical and physical properties. All of these benefits come with virtually no gain in weight or thickness of the composite, and incorporation of the veil can be done in one easy step during lay-up, offering a unique solution for the enhancement of advanced composite materials, offering performance and competitive advantages to clients in the composites industry.

Xantu.Layr: thickness vs weight graph

The PA66 used in Xantu.Layr XLA and the new Xantu.Layr XLB polymer are both polyamides and have very similar mechanical properties. The major differences are that the new Xantu.Layr XLB polymer has much lower water absorption which is something that the aerospace industry has been wanting, and the new polymer has a lower melting temperature (195°C compared to 260°C for the original Xantu.LayrTM). This means that the new polymer can still be used with high temperature curing cycles.

The result of a crash test in racing application (without the Xantu.Layr on the left and with on the right).

When placed in-between the plies of reinforcing fibres in a composite laminate, Xantu.Layr will improve the fracture toughness (delamination resistance), compression after impact strength (damage tolerance) and fatigue resistance of the composite without adding much thickness and weight.

It is available in 3 different area weight: 1,5 – 3,0 – 4,5 gsm.

The result of a crash test in racing application (without the Xantu.Layr on the left and with on the right).

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