Composite foams used in ultra-deep-water Triton Submarine

Eccofloat composite foams provide high performance and ultra-low densities by using only the highest specification hollow glass microspheres, called Eccospheres. These are combined within a rigid, high-strength resin system, overcoming the issue of weight for deep sea exploration.

Trelleborg’s applied technologies operation presents its latest innovations in ultra-deep-water composite foam solutions. The company presents a number of advancements across its Eccofloat materials range, including its latest ultra-deep-water development the TG11500.

This was developed for Full Ocean Depth (FOD) Triton Submersible, a manned submersible vehicle used for The Five Deeps expedition including dives to full Ocean depth of 11500MSW.

David Clayton, Sales Director for Trelleborg’s applied technologies operation in Europe, states:

“Our latest TG11500 material was specifically developed for repeated use in ultra-deep high-pressure environments and specially chosen for the ‘Full Ocean Depth (FOD) Triton’ submersible, making up some 70 percent of the overall body of the vessel. Manufactured from full ocean depth material, the TG11500 is a low-density high-performance solution to a unique application.

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