Composite tubing for cylinders & fully assembled cylinders

Polygon introduces PolySlide and PolySight products that are supplied as a cylinder tube ready for assembly, or as a complete cylinder designed for application. The cylinder tubing is available in standard sizes or can be designed to customers requirements.

The company has 70 years of experience with the complex resins, filaments and epoxies that make up composites. PolySlide can be interchanged with any metallic cylinder material in a variety of tie-rod applications.

Composite advantages for cylinders
Polygon’s PolySlide composites offer customers pneumatic or hydraulic cylinder project many benefits and advantages, such as:

  • Design flexibility
  • Low friction
  • Weight savings
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Dent resistance

The strength of the PolySlide cylinder comes from continuous fiberglass filament reinforcement within an epoxy matrix that are filament wound into a composite cylinder. The cylinder exhibits orthotropic material properties as compared to isotropic properties for metals. Orthotropic material physical properties vary with the geometric coordinates of the cylinder. The ability to differ the orthotropic properties of a filament wound structure within a specific geometry gives versatility to a composite cylinder, a variation that cannot be accomplished with isotropic metallic cylinders.

Corrosion resistance
PolySlide cylinders do not rust, and galvanic corrosion is not a problem. They are resistant to many chemicals that corrode metal cylinders. PolySlide is not limited to non-corrosive lubricants or hydraulic fluids. For example, water could be used to replace hydraulic fluid because PolySlide resists corrosion. A separate tech data sheet and chemical resistance guide is available from Polygon Company.

Chemical exposure recommendations are based on long term physical containment testing. PolySlide cylinders may withstand short-term exposures to non-recommended chemicals. Contact Polygon’s Sales Engineers with any questions concerning chemical exposure ratings.

Smooth sliding surface
PolySlide has very smooth cylinder walls to prevent material build-up and piston leakage. This also improves stick/slip conditions commonly experienced by metal cylinders sitting in a static condition for an extended time. Typical bore surfaces measure 6-20 µ-inch.

Seal-friendly bore surface
The bore surface of the PolySlide cylinder improves seal wear by reducing friction.

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