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Vega EVX super car displays a handmade carbon fiber body

Vega Innovations, a Sri-Lanka based electric vehicles manufacturer, unveils a fully electric, two-seaters super car, in a handmade carbon fiber body powered by a dual motor all-wheel-drive drivetrain.

All automotive electronics, including the liquid cooled motor controllers and Li-ion battery pack is designed and manufactured in-house with advanced technologies.

Motor controller
Advance traction control inverters for electric vehicle applications, using patent pending technology for lightweight, high power density requirements. Capable of 350kW peak power, operating up to 900V and 600A.

Liquid cooled with pin-fin structure baseplate proprietary technology, reducing costs and enhancing lifetime of the solid state devices. Expertise in engineering custom motor controller for high performance EVs to 2 wheelers.

Motor controller

Battery pack
Design and develop high performance liquid cooled battery packs using pouch and cylindrical cells. Capability to design dual tab cooled, cell fused battery assemblies with integrated state-of-the-art Battery Management Systems (BMS). Providing research, development and testing capability for high performance battery pack designs for customers worldwide.

Battery pack

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