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Lite Coms signs USG order for carbon fiber antennas

Lite Coms announces new orders for VSAT terminals and their new Tactical Modem Assembly (TMA) to be delivered to users in Columbus, GA.

The carbon fiber antenna was selected for performance and small total volume. The antenna will be used with the Lite Coms TMA. This advanced Tactical Modem has an integrated iDirect 950 satellite modem and is the smallest, lightest tactical packaging of this modem on the market. The Lite Sat TMA-950-T has a feature rich LCD display, multiple data ports, along with both ethernet and serial control ports.

Lite Coms has listened closely to the customer needs and desires to achieve the best physical layout and a Human Machine Interface (HMI) on the market. Lite Coms goal is to ensure that their products provides both Comms Operators and General Purpose Users a simple yet feature rich experience. The Lite Sat TMA-950-T is also integrated into the Lite Coms 1.3 and 2.2 meter auto acquire terminals.

Bob Jacobson, President and CEO, states:

“The growing confidence the user community is showing in the offerings of Lite Coms is very exciting. We have customers around the globe coming to us to give them higher throughput, innovative packaging, and a more efficient user experience. We do all of this in a fraction of the time of our competition.”

Andrew Colaruotolo, Sr Director of Programs and Operations at Lite Coms, said:

“Lite Coms is excited to be showing the market the breadth of our product offering at the Satellite 2020 show in Washington DC this week,” “We believe customers will be extremely impressed with the both the number of new products and the performance we have achieved in a very short time.”

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