ARKUP – the next generation of floating homes

ARKUP LLC a Miami based company pioneers fully solar powered, self-elevating livable yachts offering high-end design combined with a technological edge and sustainable composite materials.

Floating houses are popular ways of living in some parts of the world, in particular in the Netherlands, US West Coast cities and South – East Asia. Not only because they are future-proof habitats resilient to floods and sea level rise, but also because they are a key solution to urban growth and space scarcity.

Urban growth, rising seas and energy independence are key challenges for our generation. ARKUP solution is the answer through a unique avant-garde concept of autonomous life on the water. A combination of research in renewable energies, technological innovation, new materials and cutting-edge spatial design and style situates your new home between the sea and the metropolis.

The technical design and premium quality materials aim to ease ARKUP livable yachts maintenance, and maximize their life span. Their steel hull and structure come with a 20-year guarantee. GFRP composites such as 19mm PET Foam core + 3mm FRP skins panels are used as non-corrosive, lightweight and sustainable substitute for custom mono-materials.

ARKUP livable yachts are designed and built according the ABYC and US Coast Guards recreational vessel standards. They are suitable for lakes, rivers, estuaries, harbors, and waters not more than 20 nautical miles from a harbor of safe refuge. Just like pleasure boats, they require a standard driver’s license in the U S and yacht insurance.

ARKUP mobile overwater villas are environmentally friendly, powered by solar energy, no fuel, zero emission, equipped with waste management, rainwater harvesting and purification systems.

Designed to resist up to 155mph hurricane winds, the vessel can propel itself to a shallow water safe haven and can be raised above the sea level on its hydraulic spuds to be completely protected from storm surge and flooding.

Our 4,350 square feet livable yachts look like luxury villas, move like houseboats and can be lifted out of the water like no other floating house in the world!

“Primary residence or “mobile” vacation home, our livable yachts are multi-purpose: promotional or event venue, restaurant, gym, you can even turn it into a spa! Its destination is your choice.”
– Nicolas Derouin, Co – founder ARKUP

The proof-of-concept is being built in a shipyard on the Miami River. Customizable and adaptable to large variety of local specifications and context (lakes, seas, oceans, rivers…), ARKUP’s livable yachts can be manufactured under license or be shipped around the world.

Being free to choose your spot is priceless. You can lie at anchor in a marina or a bay; thanks to the electric propellers, you can cruise silently in waterways, in the bay or open sea. Your yacht is a one of a kind off – grid house with the freedom to move. Live in comfort and luxury in total independence and set your life between a variety of scenery and the city.

ARKUP – the next generation of floating homes

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