DSM shares application and material knowledge with 3D printing community to support Covid-19 initiatives

Royal DSM, a global purpose-led, science-based company in nutrition, health and sustainable living, is sharing their knowledge of additive manufacturing applications and materials with the 3D printing community to help relieve the needs of hospitals and healthcare workers for medical supplies, equipment and replacement parts.

DSM shares application and material knowledge with 3D Printing community to support COVID-19 initiatives

As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads, supply chains have slowed or come to a halt while the demand for medical supplies, equipment and replacement parts surges. Additive manufacturing technology is proving a viable solution and the 3D printing community is doing their utmost to design and print parts locally to meet urgent needs. DSM additive manufacturing experts are facilitating these initiatives with a number of actions:

  • Sharing application and material knowledge – Conscious that choosing the right material – and printing it with the right settings- can be a challenge, DSM material experts created a web page (updated daily) to share applications insights and material recommendations for the parts the 3D printing community is developing. For those with specific questions, live chat is available, as is an FAQ.
  • Facilitating design and printing – Those in need of design-for-additive support or printing capacity can work with DSM to be connected to internal (medical) experts and partners in DSM’s ecosystem and network. DSM is also working closely with distributors and resellers to ensure sufficient stock of its 3D printing materials is available throughout the distribution chain.

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