Graphene Composites is working on a graphene ink-treated PPE to fight Coronavirus

The company is urgently working on a graphene ink that can be applied to fabrics including N95 face masks and other PPE and we are looking for any organisation that may be able to help.

Most PPE traps or filters bacteria and viruses, whereas this graphene ink-treated PPE should kill them – providing significantly increased protection against coronavirus.

Graphene Composites is already working with a US Ivy League university and in discussions with local and federal authorities in the US – and indicates that they would like to generate similar momentum in the UK and Europe and invite organisations that could be interested to get in contact, they can send out white paper that outlines how the graphene ink would work and how it would be developed and deployed.

About Graphene Composites
The company specialized in nano-materials technology combines graphene, aerogels and other materials to produce a range of composites that are amongst the strongest, lightest, most resilient materials.

They has applied their core graphene/aerogel composite technology to three main product areas – armour, aerospace and renewable energy. Each product area applies our core technology in different ways where the combination of strength and lightness is emphasised. All products have patents pending.

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