Zyvax Departure release agent prevents overapplication

Chem-Trend’s Zyvax Departure release agent provides consistent, effortless releases with minimal buildup on moulds, while minimizing transfer to parts and other advanced composites processing equipment surfaces.

Formulated as a spray or pre-saturated wipe engineered to deliver release agent without risk of overapplication, Zyvax Departure:

  • Offers thermal stability (260 °C (500°F))
  • Chemically bonds to mould surfaces
  • Eliminates porosity by improving resin flow
  • Is solvent-free and non-flammable

Zyvax Departure was specifically developed for releasing thermosets, thermoplastics, and prepregs. It is suitable for all manufacturing processes used in mould and bonding advanced composites structures.

Chem-Trend’s innovative Zyvax portfolio of products offers composites moulders with advanced technology, application ease, and extreme value for the aerospace industry.

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