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A low temperature curing adhesive film for marine composite structures

Hexcel announces the launch of its new low temperature fast cure HexBond 679 adhesive film. HexBond 679 delivers outstanding bonding performance in sandwich structures and offers significant cycle time reductions with its short-cure cycles at low temperatures.

Formulated specifically to meet the low temperature curing requirements of marine and other Industrial manufacturers, HexBond 679 is a 250gsm supported epoxy adhesive film that is fully compatible with the HexPly M79 prepreg range. Curing in four hours at 80˚C/176˚F or eight hours at 70˚C/158˚F, HexBond 679 films provide extremely high lap shear and peel strength performance, as well as providing a superior shelf-life of up to six weeks at 23˚C.

HexPly M79 prepregs and HexBond 679 adhesive films allow boatbuilders to increase build rates with reduced heating and cooling times. When combined with Hexcel’s innovative air venting Grid Technology HexPly M79, UD carbon tapes can be laminated with reduced debulking steps to produce void contents <1% irrespective of laminate thickness. With consistently low void contents and improved mechanical properties, naval architects and marine design engineers are now able to further optimize highly loaded composite structures.

HexBond 679 adhesive film has also received DNV-GL Type approval as part of Hexcel’s latest accreditation program, providing vessel manufacturers with additional independent assurance of the product’s quality, performance, and consistency.

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