Composite Integration supports UK healthcare workers during Covid-19

The manufacturing company based in Saltash, Cornwall, has decided to utilise its design and manufacturing capabilities to help fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.

Composite Integration supports UK healthcare workers during Covid-19
Many countries including the UK are suffering from a severe shortage of PPE, which is becoming an increasing concern for healthcare workers and healthcare organisations such as the NHS.

In collaboration with several colleagues from across the UK, Composite Integration has focused on accelerating the design of face visors, producing prototypes which have been functionally reviewed and accepted by NHS Plymouth.

All components have been procured from local UK sources, enabling Composite Integration to offer rapid supply to meet the growing demand. Production has started and Composite Integration is aiming to manufacture approximately 2,500 visors per week for key workers, including doctors, nurses, carers, shop workers and delivery drivers.

The company has introduced strict health and safety measures to protect its employees, families, customers and suppliers. Many of its employees are working remotely from home, reducing the contact levels internally and the main facility is working with a skeleton crew allowing it to fulfil customer requirements.

Composite Integration continues to monitor and review the government guidance and will keep customers updated with any changes in circumstances.

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