Arkema realigns around three businesses: adhesive solutions, advanced materials and coating solutions

Arkema is preparing the future with the ambition of becoming a specialty materials leader realigned around three coherent businesses with attractive growth prospects: adhesive solutions, advanced materials and coating solutions.

Arkema realigns around three businesses: adhesive solutions, advanced materials and coating solutions

The Group unveils its roadmap and its objectives for 2024 at this event. In the context of Covid-19, Arkema also provides an update on the management and the consequences of this unprecedented health crisis.

While the management of the crisis related to Covid-19 requires everybody to be mobilized -priority being given to the health and safety of its employees while supporting its customers and its other stakeholders to the best of its abilities-, Arkema decided to maintain its Strategy Update meeting today to share its vision and unveil its strong ambitions for the mid-term.

Since 2006, the Group has undertaken an in-depth transformation that has enabled it to progressively develop positions in specialty materials through targeted investments, an innovation policy focused on the major sustainable development trends, and pro-active portfolio management. These activities now account for almost 80% of its sales.

Today, Arkema is entering a new phase in this transformation. This is based on three coherent and complementary divisions focused on specialty materials, namely adhesive solutions, advanced materials, and coating solutions. In a world in which demand for sustainable and high performance materials is growing, Arkema enjoys a unique positioning around those three growth platforms.

These combine real in-house innovation expertise, strong commercial and industrial synergies, and a common approach to serving customers in sustainable and growing markets.

Thus, the Group has decided to align its organization and reporting with this vision, which will now consist of:

  • Three divisions that will be reported separately and will include all Arkema Specialty Materials: “Adhesive Solutions”, “Advanced Materials”, and “Coating Solutions”; and
  • An “Intermediates” division consisting of MMA/PMMA, Fluorogases and Asia Acrylics, consolidating activities with more volatile results and for which the Group will implement differentiated strategies. In particular, the Group will undertake a review of its strategic options for MMA/PMMA, explore possible alternatives to minimize its exposure to the most emissive applications of its Fluorogases, and rebalance its Asia Acrylics business between upstream and downstream.

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