Prodways group is mobilising to take part in the fight against Covid-19

3D printing enables the rapid manufacturing of parts and provides the flexibility required to adapt to evolving production needs. Thus, Prodways Group has mobilised to take part in the effort to fight Covid-19 and meet the exceptional material needs of this unprecedented healthcare crisis.

To meet the most urgent needs, Prodways Group decided to take action by providing access to its professional 3D printers, by involving its network of customers, to manufacture face shields. To date, a dozen customers from several countries in Europe and North America have participated, including Crown Ceram or Laboratoire La Perle in France, Plus Dental in Germany, NM3D Ibérica and Nort3D in Spain and Portugal, Namitech in Italy, Dental Crafter in the United States or Laboratoire Dentaire Summum in Canada. They have manufactured over 5,000 face shields for medical professionals on their Prodways printers over the past three weeks. Some operating their machines at night in order to provide support in addition to their regular production. In addition to sharing good practices and the support of teams, Prodways has also provided its customers with the 3D files (STL) needed, the nesting, i.e. the optimal placement of the parts to optimise production, and the assembly operating model.

Olivier Strebelle, Chief Executive Officer of Prodways Group, explained:

“Our priority was to act quickly with the greatest possible impact by providing our support for the supply of face shields for medical staff while ensuring the safety of our employees. At the heart of our contribution, we are particularly concerned about safety, reliability and the certification required to ensure that the solutions produced can be used safely by healthcare workers”.

Prodways Group is now planning to go further. Discussions with several players in the medical devices field are under way to provide industrial services and solutions for the design and manufacture of parts under emergency situations to fight Covid-19. The projects are currently being certified. Prodways Group is currently working with its partners and assessing several larger-scale solutions. The group is also studying all of the projects submitted in order to increase production and provide Prodways Group’s potential and its network to the fight against Covid-19.

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