Solutions Composites presents a system to build high-performance facilities like hospitals on demand

Despite strict lockdown regulations aimed at containing the spread of the virus, hospitals are struggling to cope with the massive influx of patients. Authorities, both political and medical as well as emergency doctors on the front lines, are by far in favor of a rapid implementation of modular buildings to ease the medical evacuation and treatment of patients.

It is in this context of a declared “health war” that the Ministry of The Armed Forces has launched a bid for projects to find innovative solutions to fight this virus by meeting those needs.
With these conditions in mind, Solutions Composites had already begun its thinking process and taking actions from the first days of the epidemic in Mulhouse, France, a city affected like the rest of the country by the profound distress of families, health care workers in great difficulty to cope and also, let’s face it, because our patriotism which was a little “stung” by the Chinese announcing, and moreover proving, that they are able to build a giant hospital in less than 10 days. However, innovation, as well as fast and qualitative “off-site” construction, are at the heart of our daily lives, it is the company added value.

As such, Solutions Composites decided to engage their forces in the battle by creating a dedicated taskforce (composed of Solutions Composites and Caerostris teams, as well as other partners) in order to respond as quickly as possible. United and mobilized in this ordeal, collaborators are first inquired and probed the issue, before quickly exchanging with specialists (doctors and military) to define and determine a list of requirement specifications.

Convinced of its strong ability to offer effective and efficient solutions, Solutions Composites have made the decision to embark in this challenge, by putting their know-how at the service of the country with solutions derived from an innovative construction system recently developed. They are ready to offer in record time to both their fellow citizens and to the country, a solution to admit with dignity and efficiency the maximum number of patients for treatment. 

Thus, Plug & Save was born: two strong English keywords symbolizing simple edification and fast connections for hospital structures, with the sole aim of saving and preserving lives.

Plug & Save is an innovating solution allowing to start building high-performance facilities quickly and as close to the areas in need as possible. They can be built on parking lots, roads, parks, and even on the roof of an existing hospitals.

This solution offers many key advantages such as the management of all interfaces with surrounding facilities and networks, the streamlining of equipment supplies, the speed of assembly and their overall implementation.

Moreover, the solution facilitates and secures the influx of patients by protecting them and taking them in ambulances directly to their bed.

Plug & Save offers all the “comfort” and functionalities of a real hospital for patients: a warm bed, not being subjected to drafts carrying potential germs, oxygen and all other headboard networks plugins essential for proper care.

Ensuring the continuous supply of running water, renewing and treating the ambient air, having adequate sanitation facilities and not risking hospital related infections are to us an absolute necessity.  

The long-term sustainability of these structures, being able to redeploy them later while still operational in the context of other missions such as civil security or following the aftermath of a natural disaster are key points that are also important to us.

Solutions Composites is investing in the future and in its overall security, with means worthy of a great country in the 21st century, for whom the health of its fellow citizens is at the heart of this call to action and mission.

Plug & Save was born out of this strong desire to act swiftly and overcome fears, to offer services and the deep commitment of teammates around a mission of national solidarity. A project in full alignment with  the company’s values: commitment, solidarity, and performance.

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