CIM 4.0

A new competence center created in Turin thanks to the synergy between the Polytechnic, the University of Turin and the Turin Industrial Union which allowed the active involvement of 23 leading companies in 4.0 innovation.

The CIM 4.0 represents the operational and strategic support dedicated to manufacturing companies oriented towards the digitalization of industrial processes in the perspective of Industry 4.0. 

It is located in the old Mirafiori plant which has been completely redeveloped and it’s supported by world-class companies of the caliber of FCA and Leonardo, was created to offer a point of reference for everything concerning technology transfer, the diffusion of skills and specializations linked to technologically advanced production cycles, as well as training and culture 4.0 for companies. It was decided to make available the basic skills on all enabling technologies of Industry 4.0, but with the focus on additive manufacturing and technologies for the digital factory. Four printers are available, 3 with powder bed (150, 250 and 400mm by Prima Industrie and EOS) and a large “direct deposition” (1000 x 800 x 600 mm), to meet the needs of different sectors such as automotive, agriculture and aerospace. There are several companies that work in the Aerospace and Oil & Gas sectors interested in additive manufacturing for repairs and/or completion of large equipment and large systems. This laboratory is a real pilot line, in which processes and objects are developed and where there is all that is necessary to guarantee the quality and completion of the processes. 

In addition to 10 direct employees there are 183 consortium members, of which most people with great experience in the field of Industry 4.0, 22 university professors are also part of the team as consultants.

CIM 4.0

The services offered by CIM are available to external companies, especially SMEs that can also utilize a consultancy service, to help companies in the evaluation, even economically, of additive manufacturing. Among the services offered by CIM,  the training is very specialized, giving access to  activities promoted by FCA for the automotive sector or Leonardo for the aerospace. This also offers the possibility of implementing “training on the job” in order to speed up and optimize the process.

Additive manufacturing is getting more and more important to the manufacturing industry, in 2019 there have been significant investments in the automotive and aerospace industries. After the Covid 19 emergency there will certainly be significant changes and many industrial sectors will redefine their business and additive manufacturing will certainly be part of it, because when it is necessary to rebuild and reinvent a product and its production line the additive manufacturing offers the concrete possibility of rebuilding well with limited capital.

CIM 4.0 is the center of reference for everything related to technology transfer, the diffusion of skills and specializations linked to technologically advanced production cycles and the training and culture 4.0 of companies.

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