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A mask including carbon fibers shows high bacterial and particle filtration capacities

Mycroclean, near Milan, is a family company producing for 40 years special protections and represents a point of reference for sectors of the market operating in clean rooms: microelectronics, pharmaceuticals, aerospace and recently, medical. The barrier clothing produced is intended to be used in protected atmosphere environments.

These are highly technological products designed to guarantee comfort, protection from external environmental agents and safety, in compliance with the regulations in force. This personal protective equipment (PPE) are made by a 99% polyester and 1% carbon fiber fabric where the carbon thread is encapsulated in the polyester. The fabric is protected by a patent and the company is very tight lipped about its characteristics.

Following the pandemic, the Mycroclean decided to use  his carbon material to produce protection masks with very high level characteristics having a bacterial filtration capacity (BFE) of 99.8%., particle filtration (PFE) of 95%. The mask design is covered by patent.

Carbon masks with high bacterial and particle filtration capacities

Masks also have another peculiarity that is a peculiar type of stitching called “barrier”, that in case of the failure of one stitch still remains safe as underneath there is another emergency seam. The carbon fabric allows to keep the weight of each mask at only 60.5 gr. they are breathable and are marketed in two types: Mask BP2020V3 and BP2020V3TN, the last is a professional type, double layered and with water repellent outer layer.

Both are machine washable up to 500 times at 90 degrees, capable of withstanding 120 professional sterilizations with Beta or Gamma rays, or boiling at 100 ° C. The mask has had immediate success due to the high technological level, the owners of Mycroclean , Milena Baroni and Giacomo Frassica say: “We have orders for 30 million pieces, one third of the monthly needs of our region”.

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