Arevo expands thermoplastic composite parts service and introduces “e-Moto”

The Silicon Valley company transforming composites manufacturing through digitalization and automation, announces 3DPC as its new partner in its composite Manufacturing-as-a-service (“MaaS”) program for the on-demand production of ultra-strong, lightweight thermoplastic composite parts.

To demonstrate its capabilities, the company is introducing the “e-Moto,” the world’s first composite e-bike/e-scooter hybrid.

MaaS-produced parts are made possible by AREVO’s “Aqua” platform, an industrial-grade, fully automated robotic system capable of making thermoplastic composite parts of up to one meter cubic volume, and AREVO’s Xplorator software, the first, fully integrated composite tool chain that accelerates product development from concept to production.

With breakthroughs in software, robotics, and materials science, AREVO is able to provide composite parts with unprecedented low cost, true production scale and reduced design cycles for a wide range of products.  The e-Moto concept vehicle results from a collaboration between AREVO and StudioWest  and represents a novel solution to urban transport problems: an easy to ride, energy efficient personal mobility vehicle.

AREVO’s “Aqua” platform

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