A fibreglass frame to help people keep physical distancing

The SBGA Studio Blengini Ghirardelli creates C’entro, a modular fiberglass structure that allows people to be connected in a safe way, helping them to be together while respecting social distancing.

Design is facing new challenges to contribute to the health and the wellbeing of the community and to try to overcome the difficulties caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. C’entro represents an interesting proposal elaborated by an architecture and design office of Milan.

The SBGA, Studio Blengini Ghirardelli, proposed  a solution that allows people to be connected in a safe way, helping them to be together while respecting social distancing. 

The name plays with the Italian word “Centro” meaning “Center” and C’entro meaning “I get inside, I fit inside”

Agostino Ghirardelli, partner and co-founder of the SBGA says:

“We like to define C’entro as an instrument to socialize rather than a barrier. This device originated from the research into new methods of socialization, to make the physical separation easier by not blocking interaction between people.”

The modular structure is quite simple: fiberglass rods available in different colours, extremely flexible, fitting together one inside the other, outlining the perimeter of a circle on the ground. This system can extend to accommodate up to 2 people. A spacer (1,5 meters) is connected to the circle enabling to measure free space between people.

C’entro was created to be used outdoor, sunbathing at the beach or enjoying an afternoon in the park and indoors wherever it is possible to sit on the ground. Thanks to the fiberglass, the object is very light and manageable, easily to assemble and carry. It weighs 500grams and folds up into a bag (80×10 cm).  

Therefore, no barriers or dividers separate friens just a simple visual indicator helps to have a safe contact with others showing an immediate control of the required distance of safety.

C’entro represents a designer answer to the request made by Giuseppe Sala, Milan Mayor at the end of April, urging his fellow citizens to contribute with new ideas for the “Stage 2” post lockdown. The original idea by Massimo Bertani, was developed by Studio SBGA.  

SBGA | Blengini Ghirardelli, established in 2017, in Milan.

Giuseppe Blengini, explained that:

“each prototype is made by us in resin or polymers. We already utilized composites materials for Next, the seat designed for Matteo Grassi”.

Among the on-going works of Studio SBGA, is the collaboration with the European Space Research and Technology Centre (ESTEC) and the European Space Agency (ESA) in the Netherlands, the AEC Innovation Technology Centre in Tuscany, and many others.

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