AMAC has signed a cooperation agreement with Alpha Executive Advisory

In these difficult times, flexible reactions and fast decisions can be of imminent importance, particularly in the fragmented composite industry with its back-bone of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

In response, the industrial and business consulting company AMAC under the lead of Dr. Michael Effing has signed today a cooperation agreement with Alpha Executive Advisory to jointly offer advisory services in business coaching, acquisitions & divestitures as well as business transformation and crisis management, also ad interim. 

In detail, this cooperation is to identify the right fit in terms of capabilities and financial strength for companies looking for expansion or divestiture, to deliver support to innovative young start-up firms in order to faster penetrate the market and to smoothen the transition to the next owner in interim management or to make the next appropriate strategic step.

Alpha Executive Advisory, under the lead of long-term composite industry expert, spokesman and global CEO for renowned medium-sized companies, Frank M. Bruns is based in Heidelberg, Germany. The consultancy firm was set up in order to initiate and accompany the optimization of company´s organization, restructurings, reorganizations as well as succession arrangements of national and global companies. 

Together, Dr. Michael Effing and Frank M. Bruns have more than 60 years of general management experience in the composite industry along the value chain, from raw materials over intermediates to finished parts- working for large multinational industry leaders as well as family-owned medium-sized enterprises. 

Michael Effing explains:

“It is of great importance for our business and for the global economy to emerge from the COVID-19 crisis stronger. With the expertise of Frank M. Bruns as Owner & Founder of Alpha Executive Advisory, we have gained a wellknown, highly capable business leader and expert to support our clients in making their next logical strategic step. Frank and I have been both Chairman of the AVK in Germany for many years and drawing on a large network. I am sure that we will create many win-win situations for our clients.” 

Frank M. Bruns adds:

“Michael and I have known each other for more than 20 years and I appreciate him as a very straight, trustworthy and reliable business partner. I am looking forward to working with Michael and his team in many exciting and successful projects. With my international back-ground in M&A, Carve-outs, Spin-offs and Post Merger Integrations and my expertise in Automotive, Consumer goods, Building and Infrastructure for Composites, Nonwovens and Plastics, I can offer very complementary services to AMAC and their clients”. 

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