La Farfana wastewater treatment plant in Chile has Tecniplas equipment

A scrubber and two tanks manufactured by Tecniplas are part of the infrastructure belonging to the La Farfana wastewater treatment plant, one of the largest of its kind in Latin America. Located in the Metropolitan Region of Santiago (Chile) and built by the French group Suez, the unit has the capacity to treat 8.8 m³/s of effluents and serve half the population of the Chilean capital, something around 3.7 million people.

La Farfana wastewater treatment plant in Chile has Tecniplas equipment
All biogas generated by La Farfana, explains Luís Gustavo Rossi, director of Tecniplas, is desulfurized using Paques Brasil’s Thiopaq technology:

“The treated biogas is sent for use in boilers, with part of it going through the purification process to reach biomethane and, subsequently, supplying the energy network of Metrogás, the concessionaire that serves Santiago”.

With 19.6 m in height, 2 m in diameter and 60 m³ of capacity, the scrubber produced by Tecniplas and installed at La Farfana operates under a pressure of 50 mbar.

“Its function is to remove impurities from biogas. Pure gas, then, becomes ideal for combustion and generation of environmentally friendly energy”.

Regarding the two reservoirs, both work under atmospheric pressure, the largest of which (reactor tank) can store up to 92 m³ – it is 7 m high and 4.2 m in diameter –, while the smallest (sedimentation tank), of 6 m³, is 6 m high and 1.2 m in diameter.

All items produced by Tecniplas for this project were manufactured in accordance with the ASME-RTP1 standard, which refers to the care in the manufacture of fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) equipment that is resistant to corrosion, and with the NCh 432 and NCh 2369, which consider the wind loads and the requirements for construction in regions subject to earthquakes in the projects.

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