Composite Cluster Singapore develops composite wings for Eviation’s electric aircraft

Composite Cluster Singapore (CCS)  is continuing to expand its activities in the electric propulsion aircraft, urban air mobility and unmanned vehicles sector. The company announces that it is working with Eviation Aircraft on "Alice", a fully electric aircraft structure.

Leveraging the Composite Application Center (CAC) consortium announced in 2018, CCS is spearheading high-impact projects, such as the wing development for Eviation’s ‘Alice’ aircraft.

“Alice” is a battery electric passenger aircraft under development by Israeli Eviation Aircraft. Built 95% from composite materials, it will be controlled by fly-by-wire and powered by three electric engines, in a wingtip and pusher configuration. The nine passenger aircraft with a range of 640 miles / 1,000 km at cruise speed of 240 knots, will have much lower direct operating cost than turboprop aircraft.

CCS has designed the wing and belly fairings specifically for Eviation and delivered the first shipset for assembly to Vannes in France. The entire CCS team has been very much engaged in this project from its inception until today and is currently working on the second prototype.

Dr. Florian Doetzer, CCS’s Managing Director comments:

“Eviation has achieved tremendous results in a very short timeframe. We are proud to contribute our part. Our team spirit is tremendous and it is due to our own staff’s and our partner’s professionalism that we’ve been able to meet our targets working across continents. I am proud of what we’ve achieved so far and there is more to come.”

Eviation CEO, Omer Bar-Yohay, said:

“Today we are seeing the future of aviation with design, technology and material innovations that are paving the way for this new era of air mobility.”

This highlights Singapore’s capabilities as an aviation hub in the region as the wing assembly was designed and manufactured locally. Specifically, aircraft with electric propulsion paves the way for a new era in the aerospace industry and Singapore authorities are supporting this development actively.

CCS has been working closely with Enterprise Singapore, the government agency championing enterprise development, on its growth plans, including the development of the prototype.

Ho Chi Bao, Director (Advanced Manufacturing), Enterprise Singapore, said:

“This is the first of many global innovation projects in the advanced materials space that can be done in Singapore. Additionally, the project is an outcome from the collaboration between Singapore companies and international partners, where they jointly develop capabilities in composite material design and manufacturing. Apart from aerospace, their new competencies could be applied in other industries locally and overseas.”

Damian Chan, Executive Director (Chemicals & Materials), Singapore Economic Development Board, said: 

“The partnership between CCS and Eviation Aircraft is a significant milestone not only for Singapore’s aviation industry, but also for our materials design and development industry, which is important to enable better performance such as lightweighting and corrosion resistance across various end applications. This is in line with efforts to strengthen our innovation capabilities in advanced materials, including specialty polymers and polymer matrix composites, and we hope to see more such joint development projects in Singapore.”

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