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A variable temperature cure epoxy component prepreg system

Composites Evolution has expanded its Evoprep EPC component epoxy range, with the addition of a new variable temperature curing prepreg – allowing moulders to achieve a visual quality surface finish from a variety of processes at a range of temperatures.

Sales and Marketing Director Ben Hargreaves explains further:

“Evopreg EPC 200 is primarily aimed at moulders using low-temperature, out-of-autoclave moulding processes, who want to produce components with an exceptional surface finish. However, it’s flexible cure profile also makes it ideally suited to rapid processing at higher temperatures, which means that the same level of performance can be achieved in just a fraction of the time.”

Evopreg EPC200 is based on a toughened epoxy resin system and is specially formulated to allow curing between 65°C and 120°C, using vacuum bag/oven, autoclave or press-moulding. 

Composites Evolution’s Evopreg EPC component resins are available on a range of carbon, glass, aramid and ampliTex flax reinforcements.

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