A center specialized in 3D printing solutions for the medical field in Florence

Roberto Rizzo, president of The 3DGroup, has decided to invest in the creation of Bio3Dmodel, a new division of the company, based in Florence, specialized in applying 3D printing solutions in the medical field.

An investment of five million euros in three years, to bring technologies, software and above all personnel capable to train doctors in the use of new tools.

Thev3DGroup had already been present in the sector for some years but the desire to create a dedicated office and staff has been consolidated in the recent months of full Covid-19 emergency.

Digital anatomy heart valves front

Over the past few weeks, the group companies, starting from a project of the subsidiary Solid Energy, have created protections for healthcare professionals engaged in the fight against pandemic, involving their customers, starting with Ferrari, to make the their professional 3D printers available.

Printed hand
A solidarity chain that has highlighted how the world of 3D printing, with its rapid development and high quality of products, can give support to the medical world.

The specific drive to create this new division has been a technological innovation, the Stratasys J750 DAP (Digital Anatomy Printer), a 3D printer capable of replicating not only the appearance, but also the texture of organs and tissues. It works with photosensitive resins and is able to use several materials at the same time in a single project, with different textures and colours. It can replicate a complete hand, or a heart, or a vascular system with veins one and a half millimeters thick. Combined with a medical image analysis software (DICOM) it allows to create, starting from a CT scan or an MRI, a three-dimensional model of the organ on which you have to work.

There were already printers capable of replicating human organs, but the realism of this one is unparalleled and can truly revolutionize the sector of training and surgical preparation because the surgeon can try the surgery on a model exactly like the real one, reducing time and possibility of error.

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The new Competence Center in Florence, will report directly to one of the Group’s companies, CAD Manager. The collaboration with two important research centers, the TIP group – Team for Process and Product Innovation of Florence University’s Department of Industrial Engineering, which operates through the T3Ddy laboratory, and the Meyer Pediatric Hospital, will  offer innovative and personalized care solutions based on the use of 3D printing and 3D CAD procedures and with e-SPpres3D, spin off of the EndoCAS (Computer Assisted Surgery) center of the University of Pisa, which develops patient-specific simulators with high anatomical detail.

J750 DAP Digital Anatomy Printer

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