Environmentally-powered underwater and surface vehicles

Ocean Aero is a company that created an environmentally-powered, Autonomous, Underwater and Surface Vehicles (AUSVs). The combined surface and subsurface capability of Ocean Aero’s vehicles represents a new level of ocean autonomy, survivability, and self-sufficiency.

Based in San Diego since 2012, the company designs, builds, tests, and manufactures a hybrid, wind and solar-powered, surface and subsurface vehicle for extended ocean observation and data collection. Supported by U.S. patents, this intelligent autonomous technology is suited to fit the needs of a variety of strategic maritime missions, ranging from intelligence and surveillance to marine mammal tracking, to Met-Ocean data gathering to persistent situational awareness.

Ocean drones are available in various configurations and scales and provide an efficient way to scout, discover, and navigate through oceans. The combination of folding wingsail and solar panels enables the vehicles to traverse long distances and hold station keeping for precise monitoring. Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries power command, control, and sensor payload functions. The retractable wingsail allows us to submerge and avoid harsh surface conditions, evade detection, and perform subsurface data collection tasks. The Launch and Recovery System (LARS) from ramp, dockside or at sea is a simple, safe, and time-saving solution. And the vehicles can be transported from land, air, and sea.

Environmentally-powered underwater and surface vehicles

Solar rechargeable lithium batteries power a payload large enough for a full range of sensor systems. With the combination of wind and solar power, the vehicle can be in service for months at sea.

The technology has the added versatility of underwater capability. The wingsail folds and retracts allowing the vehicle to quickly submerge to evade detection and severe weather conditions as well as perform subsurface data collection tasks.

Practical and easy to transport from land, sea or air, Ocean Aero vehicles have the power and payload for a wide range of sensors systems. With a sizeable (and scalable) 23kg payload area, the vehicle can transport and power up systems with 50 watts of continuous solar rechargeable battery power.

Environmentally-powered underwater and surface vehicles

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