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A composite medical protective helmet

CompoTech cooperates with Dr. Martin Balik, Head of Intensive Care at Charles University Medical Faculty, to develop a carbon fiber composite protective helmet.

A composite medical protective helmet

Dr. Balik is also one of Czech Republics leading doctors in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

The prototype is designed to be extremely lightweight, meaning no attachments to the face or head are needed. Thus, there is no irritation to the user or abrasion damage during long periods of use. The internal surface is taken from a highly polished tool. To clean the internal and external surfaces it is easy and quick to be disinfected. The protective helmet can be used multiple times with short turnaround cleaning procedure. Over the long term it promises to be more cost effective than single use PPE. 

An air filtration pump, designed in conjunction with MGM Compro, provides an air flow to the top of the helmet. This gives it 100% protection and from airborne viruses. Filtration pads can be replaced and changed. 

A composite medical protective helmet - Reverse of the helmet showing the air filtering pump

Ondrej Uher, RnD Director at CompoTech, came with the original concept comments:

“It save doctors time, minimizes risks, and reduces cost compared to consumable protection equipment.”

The helmet and air filtration unit is currently undergoing certification for use in hospitals. Grants for the development have been awarded under the Czech Rise Up program.This has been created to support the rapid introduction of both medical and non-medical solutions that can help in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

A composite medical protective helmet

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