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A carbon fiber hard-sided rooftop camper

Redtail Overland introduces its hard-sided rooftop camper – the carbon fiber Redtail RTC. Designed for the modern nomad, the Redtail RTC offers the nimble freedom of a rooftop tent with the security and amenities of a hard-sided camper. Available in two sizes to suit a variety of vehicles, each RTC is handcrafted in Colorado and built-to-order.

Founders Ty and Annie Tatro, former executives at luxury overland vehicle manufacturer EarthRoamer, drew from their personal and professional experience to create a product in a class of its own, the rooftop camper (RTC). Lightweight carbon fiber construction allows the state-of-the-art Redtail RTC to feature amenities in the rooftop camping market including:

  • Insulated carbon fiber structure (top, bottom, walls and doors)
  • Dual pane impact resistant polycarbonate windows
  • Locking doors, windows and shell
  • High altitude diesel heater
  • Large variable speed fan
  • Up to 330 watts of solar power
  • Up to 60 amp hour lithium battery bank
  • USB and 110 outlets
  • 250 watt inverter
  • Dimmable interior and exterior led lighting
  • 30 second setup and breakdown

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The Redtail RTC solves many issues common to the traditional rooftop tent experience:

  • Stability and noise reduction in the wind.
  • Weatherproofing in all conditions.
  • Security. The RTC can be locked when in the closed and open positions.
  • Bear country requirements for hard-sided campers.
  • Four-season capability. A high-altitude heater adjustable up to 11,000ft, and a high flow variable speed fan integrated.
  • Setup and breakdown process. The RTC’s hinged walls simply fold in on themselves and close like the trunk of a car, no stiff latches to deal with.
  • Comfort. The RTC offers comfort in the rooftop camping space with dimmable LED lighting, high flow variable speed fan, heat, clear dual pane windows for natural light, charging ports for the users’ electronics, inverter for larger tech, and a fully integrated solar array and lithium battery bank.
  • Vehicle access. The RTC’s built-in floor hatch allows for direct access to the users’ vehicle, if equipped with a sunroof or pass-thru and depending on setup.

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Ty Tatro, Co-Founder & CEO of Redtail Overland, said:

“At Redtail, we strive to create the ultimate user experience by combining intuitive functionality, the highest quality
components, and cutting edge features and style. The Redtail RTC was created with this philosophy in mind and we
believe it’s truly something special.”

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