Somocap is working to produce parts for breathing apparatus and face shields

Ordinarily, Somocap would be producing composite, thermoplastic and elastomer technical parts for the aeronautical, railway and electrical industries. However, right from the beginning of the health crisis, the company has made good use of its presses to manufacture parts for respirators.

As an Airfan supplier for the companies Air Liquide and Medtronic, the work of the company in the medical field quadrupled within a few months. Their agility and organisation allowed them to respond quickly to the increased demand in the industrial supply chain for respirators. The company was also able to adapt to the essential new health and safety restrictions, in order to keep our 48 employees safe.

Once they had a structure in place, their employees wanted to do more. The company very quickly manufactured a mould that would allow us to produce face shields in large quantities, helping to protect colleagues, clients, suppliers, but also those who work in health environments, shops, restaurants, and anyone else who needed them… Their existing knowledge of development and production, together with the use of 3D printing, has allowed us to develop an injection-moulded, plastic face shield that is lightweight, comfortable and easy to clean, in a very short period of time. Their production capacity has increased to 10,000 per week. In addition, the Somocap face shields are manufactured exclusively in partnership with French companies who produce the plastic visor and the elastics, using recycled and recyclable materials. The company has set up an e-shop to manage distribution, and is distributing free face shields to associations and organisations that are facing difficulties as a result of the health crisis.


About Somocap
Expert in advanced technology for manufacturing of Composites, Elastomers and Thermoplastics.
Synergy between the different processes (Compression Molding, Injection, Infusion, RTM, Pre-preg, Machining)
New generation of materials (High Performance)

  • Composites: Thermocompression, RTM, Infusion, structural sandwich panels, control over biobased material 
  • Thermoplastics: high-performance thermoplastics injection (PEEK, PPS, PEI…)
  • Elastomers : compression molding and injection (rubber, silicone rubber, PU…)
  • Toolmaking: study and manufacturing of injection molds, compression
  • Integrated prototyping: 3D printer

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Industries: Medical

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