Partnership between Marbocote and FCI expands release agents options in Brazil

Started in 2016, the partnership between the Brazilian company FCI and the English Marbocote, both manufacturers of release agents, now reaches one of the highest points. Marbocote has just opened a unit in Valinhos (São Paulo, Brazil), the first outside the United Kingdom. With this, it will nationalize the resins used as bases for release agents. FCI, which manufactured Marbocote's products under license, will stop importing the main raw materials, which will result in cost reduction and, of course, greater bargaining power with its customers.

Ana Clara Cordeiro, commercial director of FCI said:

“Despite the crisis caused by the pandemic, we are very optimistic. We have already obtained good results, but now, with local access to resins, we will be able to offer to the Brazilian market release agents options that combine globally recognized quality and cost-effectiveness.”

According to Ian Snowdon, director of Marbocote, the Valinhos unit will be dedicated to product development, focusing mainly on the automotive market.

“We see great opportunities in Brazil. In addition to the plant already operated by FCI, we will have a hub for the production of release agents in the country with global structure and technology .”

In the sights of FCI, detailed Ana Clara, seven main market segments appear: foundry, polyurethane, rubber, tires, wood, plastics and composites.

“At the outset, we offer a portfolio with 150 release agents, including semi-permanent, silicone-free, water or solvent based. However, local manufacturing allows us to customize as many formulations as necessary.”

Depending on the volume, FCI’s release agents are sold through Redelease, a Brazilian traditional chemical distributor, with outstanding performance in the composites segment.

Rubens Cruz, managing partner at Redelease commented:

“We have a thirty-year history of supplying specialties, and semi-permanent release agents are one of the main examples of products with this profile.”

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