Arcoplex Group announces a partnership with Sabic

Arcoplex Group has reached a commercial agreement with Sabic for the distribution of engineering resins of the Ultem (PEI), Extem (TPI) and Siltem (copolymers) brands.

Giacomo Scanzi (CEO Arcoplex Group):

“We are pleased to collaborate with a Group that aims to responsibly provide quality products and services through innovation, learning and operational excellence.”

Sabic’s mission is carried out through major investments in technology and innovation, with offices spread all over the world and hundreds of dedicated scientists, who contribute to the continuous development of new patents and certifications to meet the various needs of a constantly evolving market. These characteristics make Sabic a partner to be proud of.

The Arcoplex Group product portfolio therefore expands with Ultem, Extem and Siltem resins.

Ultem resin is an amorphous, transparent, amber colored, polyetherimide (PEI) resin, which is characterized by good resistance to short and long term heat exposure while keeping its outstanding performance, such as strength, stiffness, impact and electrical properties. Ultem resin may be used for applications that must meet stringent physical performance, endure harsh environments and comply with demanding regulatory requirements.

With a combination of dimensional stability and low coefficient of thermal expansion up to high temperatures and under load conditions, Ultem resin offers benefits in, for example, design freedom with predictable expansion / shrinkage and thin wall capability. With its inherent flame resistance, low smoke evolution and toxicity and stable electrical performance (Dk/Df), Ultem resin finds a home in various markets and industries, such as electrical and electronics, automotive / mobility, mass transportation and healthcare.

Sabic’s Extem resin portfolio offers the highest heat amorphous Thermoplastic Polyimide (TPI) grades in the world with a glass transition temperature up to 267ºC and enhanced creep and strength performance at elevated temperatures. Extem resin is approximately 50% stronger at 170ºC then Ultem resin and offers true thermoplastic melt processability with high performance as molded. With no need for post-cure or crystallization to yield its maximum performance unlike PAI and PI polymers, Extem resin may offer manufacturing cost effectivity and improved productivity. Extem resin is inherently flame retardant and has a high limiting oxygen index.

Siltem resin is an amber, transparent, amorphous, halogen free siloxane polyetherimide block co-polymer (PEI-si) with Ultem resin and siloxane soft-blocks used in wire, cable, nuclear and aircraft applications, offering flexibility, dimensional stability at elevated temperatures and high tensile elongation.

Siltem resin is an option for high performance wire coating solutions meeting high industry and regulatory standards:

  • Non fluorinated
  • Flexibility (no cracking)
  • Abrasion resistance
  • High heat performance

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