ATL Composites to distribute super-versatile E-Spheres

ATL Composites announce they are now distributors for E-Spheres SL150 hollow ceramic microspheres manufactured by Envirospheres.

E-Spheres are composed of an advanced ceramic substance, designed to enhance the performance and reduce weight of engineered materials.

They have multiple applications across diverse industries such as adhesives, automotive, insulation panels, composites, components and syntactic foam, electronics, fibre reinforced plastics, sealants, caulks, stucco and fillers, lightweight cementitious and construction products and in insulation/high temperature resistance coatings and other materials.

Having a spherical hollow structure and inert mineral composition, the main characteristics are functional low density, high compressive strength, thermal resistance and insulation, chemically inert and neutral pH, non-dangerous goods status, geometry and low absorption and a unique white colour.

ATL Composites to distribute super-versatile E-Spheres
E-Spheres offer unparalleled temperature resistance, with a melting point above 1,700°C, the highest of any hollow ceramic microspheres in the market.

They also offer the highest compressive strength of any hollow ceramic microspheres of similar density. Isostatic pressure tests show over 70% rate of particle survival at 4800 psi (33 MPa). This is more than 30% higher than the compressive strength of other hollow ceramic microspheres of similar density and 20 times higher than expanded glass fillers and volcanic lightweight minerals.

According to ATL Composites’ Director, Nicholas Cossich, the decision to add E-Spheres to ATL’s product range was based on its quality and capability to enhance composite materials in multiple ways:

“We selected E-Spheres because they are a highly technical and unique product that complements our existing range of high-performance epoxies.

“Envirospheres is an international ISO9001:2015 certified company and there is a lot of synergy between their company and ours that we feel will benefit our existing customers and assist us in expanding into other industries.”

With operations in Queensland and NSW, Envirospheres is an Australian company focused on the manufacture and supply of the highest quality ceramic microspheres. The company has supplied to domestic and international markets since 1997 and is recognised as a global leader in its field.

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