Baltic Yachts

Alternative reinforcement materials like naturally grown flax are now being used at Baltic Yachts. They are exploring ways of using it in superyacht construction to make their products greener and to cut raw material costs.

Baltic Yachts

They’re also investigating the ampliTex material’s sound deadening properties which could enable them to reduce the use of insulation and in turn reduce weight. Flax fiber, used as a reinforcement in conjunction with resins, is suited to smaller, non-structural elements like sole boards and the myriad small components that go into our yachts, including cable trays, support construction and shelves. 

Baltic 68 Café Racer
Designed to deliver an electrifying performance in more ways than one, this easy to handle Day Sailer is boosted by green power. An un-plug and go electric propulsion and generation system is super eco-friendly. More than 50% of the hull structure will use flax fibers as a reinforcement reducing the yacht’s environmental impact. 

Key benefits

  • Controlled environmental footprint
  • Flax reinforcements in more than 50% of the hull
  • Compromise between mechanical properties and optimized costs
  • Easier mechanical assembly
  • Weight reduction

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