Volta Zero by Volta Trucks

The Swedish start up Volta Trucks’ prototype will integrate flax fibers composites in body panels.

Volta Zero by Volta Trucks

Volta Trucks is developing a 16 tons truck, 100% electric powered for urban deliveries which first prototype is expected to be ready by the end of the year 2020. It will integrate body panels made with flax fibers and a biodegradable, fully bio-based resin. Volta Trucks’ approach is to develop vehicles with both sustainable power and materials.

Rob Fowler- Volta Trucks’ CEO, says:

« We believe that sustainability is more than just tailpipe emissions, so we have taken an environmental-first approach to all material sourcing. This includes the world’s first use of a natural Flax and biodegradable resin composite in body panel construction that is CO2 neutral and fully recyclable.”  

Flax composites choice is based on both sustainable and advanced properties. Volta Zero body panels are using Bcomp ampliTex and powerGrid technologies to optimize flax inherent properties.

These remarkable properties are especially suitable for electrical urban transportation vehicles: 

  • Lightness & stiffness
  • Vibration damping: improve comfort and limit noise
  • A non-conductive material to avoid short circuit in case of accident
  • Crash situation, Flax fibers don’t shatter and offer flexible fracture behavior without sharp edges

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