Flax fibers & design

The intrinsic qualities of flax fibers - strenght, lightness, aesthetic,... - motivate the interest of designers who use them mainly as structural parts.

 Designers do not hesitate to make complex shapes in flax linen composite, the fibers most often used on the product surface, or to play with the aesthetic effect: chair, armchair, tables, light fixture, desk… 

Flax Chair by Christien Meindertsma
This chair is made from one panel of a flax fiber and PLA resin, with a woven and non-woven mat, proving that this crop isn’t just for fabric. Innovations have resulted in composite materials used for everything from tennis rackets to cars, creating products that are not only strong and lightweight, but sustainable and biodegradable too. 

Flax Chair by Christien Meindertsma

The Bistro chair revisited by Revology
The Bistro chair revisited by Revology

Born in New Zealand, Revology creates timeless objects that combine exclusive technology and innovative materials. Objects that last, evolve and can be repaired according to the values of circular economy. Born of the earth and designed for the future. Made from materials of sustainable origin, each chair has a unique number.

The lumbar support moves up to 5 cm to support the back, the seat is scratch resistant. The seat plate and lumbar support can be removed with only 4 screws. The chair is light and strong: it weights only 4 kg and supports a weight of up-to 200 kg. Optional laser treatment (called Linum seat), with a pattern designed by New Zealand artist Leigh Cooper.

Jin chair by Offecct Lab
The structure of the “Jin” chair is realized by using flax fiber and can make furniture both extremely light weight and high performing. The body of Jin is defined by shaping thin layers of flax fibers on top of each other, forming a strong shell around a core of air, making the surface the actual structure of the chair.

This chair is what Offecct Lab and their “Lifecircle” philosophy is all about: engineers and designers working closely together to explore new and sustainable horizon of the furniture industry.

Jin chair by Offecct Lab

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