Composights: an industry portal offering free reports and research material

Stratview Research, a global market intelligence firm, has launched Composights portal, which will offer free thought leadership reports, whitepapers, synopsis and much more.

Composights is one-of-its-kind initiative by Stratview Research to bring all the professionals having interest in composites and allied industries under one umbrella. 

The objective of the portal is to provide valuable insights on emerging topics and innovations, in addition to attractive market opportunities in different application of composites.

According to the company, the pace of composites application across industries, especially those demanding high-performance and lightweighting, is rising at an impressive rate. Composites are increasingly being accepted across industries including aerospace, defense, automotive, oil & gas, construction, electronics, renewable energy, and more due to their impressive properties and lightweight. In 2019, more than 28 bn lbs of composite materials were shipped across the globe. 

The company stated:

“Through Composights, we have created a platform where the registered users will be able to know the industry voices on the emerging technologies, innovations, and critical success factors for composite materials, coupled with our research expertise.”

The company aims to launch free thought leadership reports, whitepapers, market reports, and market synopsis at regular intervals, the worth of which would be at least US$ 20,000 annually.

According to the company, the portal will also provide a platform for the stakeholders to participate in various activities related to promotion of composite materials, products and related technologies.

To begin with, the company has launched a freely available thought leadership report “The Dawn of Robotics in Composites Manufacturing”. The report explores the current status of robotics usage in composites manufacturing process and industry inclination towards adoption of robotics. Current trends, latest developments, technological challenges, and future prospects of robotics have been discussed in detail.

In addition to the robotics report, a white paper and some market synopses are also available for the subscribers right now.

Composights offers the following benefits to its registered members:

  • Free insights in the form of white papers, thought leadership reports, synopsis (research papers) in interesting topics.
  • An opportunity to contribute in white papers and thought leadership reports in your area of expertise.
  • An opportunity to know the voices of industry veterans and leaders.
  • Promotion of your company in our social media platforms and increase brand visibility.
  • Latest information about launch of new reports and services.
  • Latest information about offers from Stratview Research.
  • Special offer prices for reports and consulting assignments.

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