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PRF Composite Materials introduces new unidirectional glass prepreg

Available in weights from 150 to 600 g/m2 and widths of 300mm and 600mm, PRF’s high quality unidirectional glass is now in manufacture on RP542-4 epoxy prepreg system.

Designed by PRF as an intermediately toughened system, complementing its RP542-1 and highly toughened RP549 systems, RP542-4 is producing excellent results on unidirectional glass & carbon, and woven fabrics.

Customer feedback on PRF’s unidirectional glass prepreg is highly positive, with the new material already being selected for high end, visual quality applications due to its good surface quality.

For 2020-2021, PRF is continuing to invest in significant upgrades and additions to its manufacturing and R&D lab facilities, with innovative product development remaining a central focus for the company.

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