Norplex-Micarta announces acquisition of CYPLY product line from Solvay

Norplex-Micarta announces that it has entered into a definitive agreement with Solvay to acquire the product line designated as CYPLY.

Norplex-Micarta announces acquisition of CYPLY product line from Solvay

Denny Ford, Vice President of Norplex-Micarta, said:

“This acquisition allows Norplex-Micarta to extend its leading position in laminated sheet products into a new, high performance, set of applications. We are excited to continue the legacy of this product as a world leader in high fatigue load applications.”

The CYPLY line of materials is based on a unique, non-woven, continuous parallel filament e-glass with epoxy resin. This type of construction minimizes filament stress that can shorten fatigue life in conventional reinforced plastics. Upon closing, CYPLY will be rebranded to NorPLY.

Dustin Davis, Director of Business Development at Norplex-Micarta, said:

“NorPLY is a continuation of the CYPLY product line, which in turn has its roots in ScotchPLY. While the product line is not new, the technology contained in the prepreg and lamination is useful in a host of emerging applications. We look forward to working with users and designers to bring these high-performance materials to existing and new applications.” 

Solvay and Norplex-Micarta are actively planning the transition of the assets included in the purchase, and the transaction is expected to close in early 2021.

Mr. Ford explained:
“While NorPLY is a laminated sheet, the base inputs and pressing technology are different from Norplex-Micarta’s current processes. With this in mind, we have decided to establish a new entity, called Norplex Advanced Composites, to hold these assets and service this segment of customers. Norplex Advanced Composites will be located in a purpose-built facility in Manhattan, Montana. Furthermore, I am pleased to announce that Alan Johnson, with his many years of industry experience, including ten years as the leader of the Postville Operations, has been named as General Manager of this new company and will be relocating to Montana in late 2020.”

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