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Zhongfu Shenying and Jiangsu Aosheng signed a cooperation agreement

China’s major carbon fiber manufacturer Zhongfu Shenying and Jiangsu Aosheng signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Lianyungang, Jiangsu province. The two parties will carry out in-depth cooperation on the development of the carbon fiber panel market for wind power blades from 2021 - 2022. Liu Fang, general manager of Zhongfu Shenying, and Xu Wenqian, chairman of Jiangsu Aosheng, signed the agreement on behalf of both parties.

The 10,000-ton carbon fiber project of Zhongfu Shenying Xining is about to start production. It is expected that the supply capacity of Zhongfu Shenying on the carbon fiber market will increase to 10,000 tons in 2021 and 13,600 tons in 2022. Jiangsu Aosheng is the largest wind power blade carbon fiber panel processor in China. The carbon fiber pultruded sheet material provided by Zhongfu Shenying and processed by Jiangsu Aosheng has already passed the certification of the wind power plant.

Zhongfu Shenying says:
“In the next few years, Zhongfu Shenying and Jiangsu Aosheng will give full play to their respective advantages, strengthen resource integration, deepen cooperation, and further expand the application of domestic carbon fiber in the field of wind power. At the same time, this cooperation will lay a solid foundation for Zhongfu Shenying to further increase its market share”

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