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Horiba and CRMT to open a center of expertise for hydrogen-based mobility solutions in France

Horiba is announcing a strategic agreement with CRMT to work on the development of hydrogen-based engines and vehicles. Transportation industries facing the energy transition challenge will benefit from solutions combining Horiba’s advances in measurement and automotive emission test systems with CRMT’s engineering expertise in green mobility.

Horiba, a global specialist in measurement and analysis solutions for advanced research and industry, and an established leading supplier in the fields of automotive test systems and turnkey solutions, is thrilled to announce a strategic collaboration with CRMT, an engineering private company, pioneer in pollutant emission measurements with specific expertise in the development of alternative energy engines and vehicles.

After a series of joint research projects and joint events such as The Mobility Tech Days, both innovators have agreed to accelerate their hydrogen mobility developments in order to support transportation customers working through energy transition agendas with fully integrated, clean and sustainable solutions.

Horiba and CRMT to open a center of expertise for hydrogen-based mobility solutions in France

A hydrogen center of expertise in France
Through this agreement, Horiba and CRMT will pioneer the first Center of Expertise in Hydrogen in France, enabling customers to access state-of-the-art hydrogen solutions at every step of the process, meeting all their needs and challenges across the full hydrogen value chain, from generation to storage and utilization :

Horiba and CRMT to open a center of expertise for hydrogen-based mobility solutions in France - Added value from Horiba-CRMT center of expertise

Towards a low carbon economy

Edoardo Bassano, Managing Director, CRMT, says:

“We are delighted to commit to hydrogen propulsion along with Horiba France, the leading manufacturer of innovative pollutant emissions technology. This agreement is completely in synch with CRMT’s specific engineering expertise on the development of alternative energy engines and vehicles, and the emerging technological evolutions for tomorrow’s mobility.”

“We are seeing now, more than ever, increasing demand from the market to measure and analyze non-regulated pollutant emissions. Moreover, we strive to develop the next-generation hydrogen vehicles, aided by a renowned vehicle manufacturer. In this context, the collaboration between CRMT and Horiba France plays a critical role, abounding with proven expertise and cutting-edge technology.”

Laurent Fullana, President, Horiba France, says:

“Hydrogen mobility integrating high-performance fuel cells systems can be the ticket to tomorrow’s climate-neutral and emission-free cars, trucks, buses, vessels and trains. Horiba France is committed to support its customers with products and services to help design, manufacture, integrate and control the quality of components and systems along this new value chain. With our ATS and FuelCon divisions we have been investing in fuel cells since 2018, capitalizing on our expertise in materials science, automotive and energy markets. Now, with CRMT expertise and agility, we are going to complement our offering and accelerate the development of the fuel-cell battery vehicle integration the market requires.”

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