Enercon deploys Plataine’s AI-based solution to increase throughput, reduce operational costs

Plataine's optimization software solution enables Enercon to meet market demand, automate manufacturing processes, and significantly reduce production costs and material waste.

Enercon, a wind turbine manufacturers, has deployed Plataine’s AI-based optimization solution to automate and simplify cutting and kitting operations, increase material yield while maintaining product quality in their rotor blade manufacturing facility in Viana do Castello, Portugal. Plataine was selected due to its expertise and proven track record in rotor blade manufacturing processes, as well as its global recognition as a leading provider of Industrial IoT and AI-based solutions for smart factories.

Plataine’s solution delivers a range of benefits for Enercon by seamlessly and easily integrating with Enercon’s existing IT systems, allowing them to automatically gather all required information from systems and operators, bringing engineering files and work orders onto one single platform. This allows automatic generation of optimal cutting plans, advanced cutting & kitting methods and efficiencies, enabling a balance between material utilization and the complexity of kitting operations, while considering other manufacturing constraints. The result is an increase in material utilization, alongside maximized production efficiencies and elimination of quality defects affecting time-to-market, rework and scrap.

Plataine’s software analyzes pending work orders, on-hand inventory, the latest design files and operational constraints to create optimized cut plans. Automated record keeping and reporting eliminates manual paperwork, allowing complete traceability of the Digital Thread from raw material to end-product and reduced risk of human error. Plataine’s solutions are designed for quick and simple deployment, and indeed zero downtime was experienced at the factory during deployment and roll-out.

Johannes Kannenberg, Responsible for the component rotor blade at Enercon, says:

“We selected Plataine thanks to their strong track record in the wind industry, and for their clear proficiency in digital manufacturing implementations. Plataine’s solution offered us immediate benefits by improving efficiency and flexibility in our manufacturing processes, supporting and introducing new models and fast response to rush orders.”

Avner Ben-Bassat, President and CEO of Plataine, adds:

“There is a rising demand for renewable energy, and as rotor blade manufacturing involves complex kitting and packaging processes, significant opportunities for further optimization and material savings are created. We are excited to work with Enercon and partner with them to push the productivity envelope while maximizing production efficiency.”

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