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A carbon-kevlar interior for Alieno‘s all-electric hypercar

Alieno unveiled the interior of its first debut model named Arcanum, an all-electric hypercar, which in its top version (RP5) has power of 5221 hp (3840 kW), 8880 Nm of torque, a top speed of over 488 km/h (303 mph) and a power-to-weight ratio of up to 2.64 hp/kg.

The interior of Alieno Arcanum is distinguished by the elongated hexagons used in it and several Alieno multifunctional multi-touch displays, which allow complete personalization by the user.

The color palette of the panels and the material of the seats can be made according to the customer’s preferences, and the available adaptive ambient LED lighting in the interior is easily configurable to be in sync with the other elements. The center console is hanging, without a lower part along its extension, which gives a feeling of open space in the car. The console has integrated 2 cup holders, which at the customer’s request can be increased to 4 (2 for cold and 2 for hot drinks) – an elementary extra that many modern hypercars miss. In its front support, the console also has compact compartments for the daily belongings of the driver and the passenger, such as a mobile phone, glasses, keys and more. For the comfort of the driver and the passenger in the cabin, the Alieno robotic intelligent air conditioning system takes care. The interior is made from Alieno prepreg carbon-kevlar details, leather and Alcantara.

A carbon-kevlar interior for Alieno‘s all-electric hypercar

Encho Enchev, CDO (Chief Design Officer) of Alieno and chief designer of Arcanum, shares:

“This version of the interior of Alieno Arcanum is an extension of the car’s exterior. The shapes complement each other and the same visual language is used and transferred inside, forming a symbiosis between the elements. The overall theme is ultra-modernism with some Sci-Fi and futuristic accents. We want our customers to feel like they are in the cockpit of a spaceship, which the car resembles, given the technologies built into it. Our inspiration for the interior comes from the cockpits of many military fighters and science fiction movies such as Avatar and Prometheus.”

Alieno Arcanum is equipped with Alieno prepreg carbon-kevlar, fully air-conditioned, fully electrically-adjustable and with memory robotic sports and racing seats with memory foam, leather and Alcantara. It also has an Alieno quick release, prepreg carbon-kevlar racing type steering wheel with fully electrically-adjustable memory robotic steering column and robotic pedal box, as well as Alieno robotic power steering with variable ratio, speed sensitive and mode selectable. The seats look quite sporty, but are also comfortable. They are equipped with racing 6-point seatbelts / harnesses. The steering wheel is multifunctional with a built-in multi-touch display. In addition to a total of 8 airbags (4 for the driver and 4 for the passenger), Alieno Arcanum also has numerous innovative Alieno structural, dynamic and active intelligent safety systems. The interior has a built-in glove box, which descends from under the multi-touch display located in front of the passenger. It also has a compartment for bottles with hot and cold drinks in the console located in the back between the seats and even a large luggage compartment just behind the seats. These are just a few of the amenities, that are usually lacking in the interior of the hypercars. In addition, in Arcanum they can be arranged according to the customer’s wishes.

A carbon-kevlar interior for Alieno‘s all-electric hypercar

The user interface of Arcanum, provides the ability to move applications, picture and information from one to another car display, as well as their complete customization. All applications have an adaptive (Responsive) design, and each of the touch screens allows control with one or more fingers (Multi-Touch). There are basic ready-made themes for the main drive modes of the car (Street, Track and Race), as well as a Dark theme for driving at night and in tunnels. The brightness and colors of the displays and the adaptive ambient LED lighting, are automatically adjusted according to the current conditions, to maximize the visibility and comfort. It is even possible some or all of the large displays to be switched off and the basic functions of the car to be controlled via the multifunction steering wheel with its built-in multi-touch display Arcanum has an Alieno voice assistant, which is part of the main Alieno ADAS system (Advanced driver-assistance system), called Alieno Artificial Intelligence (AAI) or “The Alien” (TA). The picture from the side digital mirrors of the car, is visualized on the multi-touch displays in the cabin, as its exact location, can be changed manually or automatically, according to the current position of the driver, and in addition can be shown to the passenger, for example on the display located in front of him. It is also possible to choose exactly from which cameras to be the displayed picture (Arcanum has a total of 17 cameras) and which applications to be visualized on the respective display, independently or simultaneously, given that the displays support the functions Picture-in-Picture, Multi Window and Multitasking. The software of Arcanum, can be updated Over-the-Air via the Alieno Cloud, given the available opportunity to connect the car to the Internet. The cabin is both futuristic and elegant, and easily switches from relaxed travel mode to highperformance track mode. The audio system of the car is performed according to the preferences and requirements of the customer.

A carbon-kevlar interior for Alieno‘s all-electric hypercar

Alieno Arcanum has two Alieno robotic prepreg carbon-kevlar Butterfly wing doors, that provide easy access to the car’s interior, which is designed so that the car can accommodate pilots that are taller than 2m (6’7″). Very few hypercars nowadays are able to do that. Except with this version of the interior, called DIA (Default Interior of Arcanum), Alieno Arcanum is available also with several others, details of which will be further revealed. Among them, there are futuristic designs similar to DIA, as well as more moderate and classic designs, which will be available for all other models of Alieno. The goal is to provide optimal choice for each customer, as when it comes to the interior space of the car, where the Alieno customer will spend most of his time, he is not restricted with only one interior, that he may not like, but has the option to choose from few different ones, according to his own personal preferences.

A carbon-kevlar interior for Alieno‘s all-electric hypercar

Ahmed Merchev, founder, CEO & CTO of Alieno and chief constructor of Arcanum, shares:

“The interior of our Alieno Arcanum hypercar, like its exterior, expresses clearly the mission of Alieno to create hypercars with alien technologies from the future into the present. For this purpose, although with some delays due to the still insufficient foreign investments in Alieno, the last 2 years we are making significant progress with the construction and expansion of our production factory in Tuhovishta, Bulgaria, which at this initial stage, is located on an area of nearly 15 000 square meters. We have already bought and delivered there not only all major production machines, but also the necessary construction and transport machines for its construction and expansion. The production of the Alieno hypercars is based on SCHOLZ autoclaves for composite materials, KUKA 6-axis industrial robots and several other high-tech machines, which we have already delivered to our factory. For their final installation in production mode, we are currently organizing the construction for them of huge specialized production halls with a total built-up area of about 12 000 square meters, in which the initial production of Alieno hypercars will take place. We are building the Alieno brand from scratch, moreover in Bulgaria, which is why we meet a lot of skepticism, but also a lot of like-minded people, thanks to whom we are moving forward boldly and confidently. We already accept pre-orders for our Arcanum model. You can also support us by becoming an investor in the company. There are interesting times ahead in the hypercars segment, given that Alieno has raised the bar very high, and that can only make us happy.”

A carbon-kevlar interior for Alieno‘s all-electric hypercar

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