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COMAC selects Expliseat for ARJ21 economy seats

Chinese aircraft manufacturer COMAC has selected the French aircraft seat manufacturer Expliseat to develop a family of lightweight economy seats to be installed on new ARJ21 aircraft.

The new seat is based on the latest TiSeat E2 seat platform in carbon fiber composite and titanium made by Expliseat. Due to its patented modular design and development process, Expliseat has been successful in certifying the seat on various aircraft platforms in record time. COMAC is therefore benefiting from an ultralight custom seat that is adjusted to the ARJ21 dimensions to offer best living space and comfort for the passenger even in the most densified configurations, according to Expliseat.
For the passenger comfort, new innovations include a new recline mechanism that will make the TiSeat E2 the world’s lightest reclining seat. The seat is 40% lighter than the best equivalent competitor’s certified seats.  
New advantages for ARJ21 customers
By selecting TiSeat E2, the significant weight reduction of the aircraft is giving ARJ21 customers new opportunities to increase revenues with more passengers or cargo, further increase passenger comfort with additional optional features or increase the range of the aircraft in a challenging regional market environment that includes small isolated airports and large territories to cover.  

Benjamin Saada, CEO Expliseat said:

“It is an honor to be selected by COMAC, they will benefit from all the advantages offered by our cutting-edge technology, it will help ARJ21 customers to maximize profits and revenues leveraging carbon footprint reduction due to fuel bill or maintenance cost drop and increased life cycle. Passengers will also benefit from the most advanced comfort feature in terms of recline and ergonomy. We look forward to a bright future in China with COMAC”

First composite seat to fly in China  
To deliver the first ever composite seat on a COMAC aircraft is a major step for Expliseat development and aspiration in China, a fast growing and challenging market with high standards in regards to customer support and general performance of the product. Ultralight seats made by Expliseat are already popular in the regional aviation market with a strong presence on turbo propeller aircraft. This first contract in China on the most successful regional jet is making Expliseat one of the leader of this market.

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