US customer ordered a second composites press system from Siempelkamp

After the acceptance of first Siempelkamp's SMC press technology in March 2020, the customer ordered a second composites press system. This demand is proof of the customer's high level of satisfaction.

Within one and a half years, the US customer decided to install a second composites press system identical to the first one. The press system has a press force of 1,200 US tons.

The customer was particularly satisfied by the high-precision single cylinder control system, which achieves product quality. The upper tool in combination with the crosshead plunges into the lower tool without friction. The parallelism is precisely controlled over the entire press stroke or in any position up to full press force. In this way, maximum guiding accuracy and parallelism between the tool halves can be achieved in every phase of the pressing process.

As with the first order, the new press system will be completely assembled and commissioned at Siempelkamp’s headquarters in Krefeld. This makes the actual commissioning process at the customer’s site even more efficient. A high convincing factor in the first project was also the employment of Siempelkamp assembly personnel who contributed to the smooth operation at the customer’s site.

In the first project there were 44 weeks between signing the contract and the acceptance. The overall concept consisting of a high-performance press concept and the reliable, fast teamwork thus contributed to Siempelkamp winning the follow-up order.

Sascha Braun, Sales Engineer Composites says:

“Commissioning in the USA is planned for mid 2021. We are already in talks about two follow-up orders, so that we are looking forward to going ‘into series production’ with our press technology within the framework of this successful cooperation.”

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