M-Technologie becomes BA France S.A.S

With the rebranding to BA France S.A.S, Broetje-Automation introduces its French subsidiary as the fully responsible operator for the South-West European Aerospace industry. BA France, based in Toulouse and Saint-Nazaire, will be the first point of contact for the largest aerospace community in Europe. Furthermore, BA France will be the center of excellence for aerospace tooling and production support for the BA Group. The ambition is to bring the special technological know-how to the world market utilizing Broetje-Automation’s global presence at 23 locations in seven countries.

The French headquarter for BA France will stay in Toulouse, where it looks back to more than 20 years of experience under the brand “M-Technologie” (“M-Tech”). Started as a small local company specializing in tooling for the aerospace industry, M-Tech has gradually grown up from local to international supplier over the last two decades and thus became a part of the Broetje-Automation GmbH Group in 2011.

The rebranding is a strategic approach to better leverage the synergies with the Broetje-Automation Group that is present in all major aerospace countries including the USA, China, Japan, Russia, UK and Germany.

Dominique Melki-Delcassé, one of the M-Tech founders and today President of BA France explains:

“Today, many of our clients know us as “Mtech” or “M-Technologie”, but they are not aware of our belonging to Broetje-Automation Group and all the activities we can propose as one. Our vision is to unite all the brands under one label and thus reinforce BA France’s membership to Broetje-Automation Group by offering more clarity to our customers. We maintain our presence among our historical suppliers and thus continue to reinforce our partnership.”

Dominique Melki-Delcassé sees another advantage in the alignment of the global processes and the positioning of BA France as the global Operational Tooling Supplier inside of the Broetje-Automation Group.

Lutz Neugebauer, CEO of Broetje-Automation Group explains:

“BA France is key to our market strategy. With BA France we are located in the heart of the European aerospace industry. We want to demonstrate our commitment to the French market and we see a huge potential in utilizing the local competencies and the tremendous experience of our teams in Toulouse and Saint-Nazaire.”

Additional to the Toulouse site Broetje-Automation since 2013 is present also in St. Nazaire, when the group took over the company Clemafi close to several customers’ sites in the west of France.

Vice-versa with the closer integration into the group and access to Broetje-Automation’s 40-year experience and financial strength, BA France expands the ability to handle large projects and more digitalized and automated equipment solutions, a better presence at the all aeronautical prime contractors and access to a global network of service stations.

The group’s membership and support reinforces the already well-advanced diversification paths of the company. Currently new tools for the Railway, Nautical, Wind, Transport and Medical sectors are under development.

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