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Seldén Mast becomes official mast supplier for Farr X2

Made from T800 prepreg carbon fibre wound on a mandrel, the new Farr X2 mast will be optimised for weight, stiffness and strength for the best possible sailing performance.

Such customization, precision and accuracy are only achieved due to Seldén’s unique carbon mast production processes. The computer-controlled mandrel filament winding technique combines off axis winding with unidirectional fibres. Each fibre is coated in the precise amount of epoxy resin for optimum lamination, ensuring a lighter and stronger spar, meeting the exacting requirements of the class.

Seldén Mast becomes official mast supplier for Farr X2

Ex Artemis America’s Cup crew member and Seldén project manager, Andreas Axelsson, explains:

 “We’re providing the Farr X2 with a mast totally customized for the boat, and we will be able to do so over and over again. Our CNC based winding of the carbon filament ensures 100% repeatability with all masts being identical. It’s the only way to go in one-design racing.”

The first two Farr X2 masts are in production, with testing scheduled in early 2021. In addition, Seldén Mast will provide the class with carbon booms, carbon rigid vangs and standing rig. 

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