China’s GAC Motor launches its first hydrogen fuel-cell passenger car

GAC Group unveiled its first hydrogen fuel-cell passenger car, the Aion LX Fuel Cell.

The Chinese automaker has prioritized climate conversation as a strategy and is focusing on hydrogen-based clean energy. The hydrogen-based vehicle is equipped with a hydrogen fuel-cell system independently developed also by GAC Group.
According to the group, GAC’s hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle has shown to solve several problems of current renewable energy vehicles. Firstly, it only takes 3-5 minutes to recharge each time, which is shorter than the charging time of most electric vehicles. Secondly, the NEDC operating range of this car exceeds 650KM, reaching international benchmarks. Thirdly, the car also solves the problem of ignition and operations in low-temperature weather: at minus 30°C, a one-button cold start can be enabled without affecting the cruising range. Most importantly, its emissions are only pure water, and the filter element carried can filter 99% of the inhalable particulate matter, not only reducing pollution but also purifying the surrounding air.
The Aion LX Fuel Cell has also been comprehensively upgraded to exceed safety expectations. Built upon the five-star safety of the original model Aion LX, it has also passed difficult safety tests such as 32km/h side column collision and 80km/h rear collision, ensuring the safety of drivers, passengers and the vehicle.

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