Teijin launches new carbon fiber intermediate material brands

Teijin Limited announced its new Tenax PW (power series) and Tenax BM (beam series) brands of carbon fiber intermediate materials for sports applications.

Tenax PW is an advanced aircraft-quality material that helps to maximize power and speed thanks to its exceptional durability and toughness. Made of high-tenacity, high-tensile-modulus resin. Tenax PW also suppresses and absorbs impact forces to minimize and localize damage after impact. In addition, its compressive strength is superior to that of Teijin’s standard carbon fiber prepregs. Utilizing these same superior features, sports goods made with Tenax PW enable powerful, speedy swings.

Tenax BM CFRP vibrate damping property (constant load)

Tenax BM is another highly advanced material suitable for use in satellites. It is ideal for applications requiring flexibility and resistance to thermal expansion due to its excellent rigidity, straightness, operability and stability. Tenax BM also offers superior vibration damping (suppression and absorption), achieving four times greater damping than that of Teijin’s standard carbon fiber prepregs. Sporting goods made with satellite-quality Tenax BM are highly resistant to impact deformation and shake.

Tenax PW weight-drop test

Demands for cutting-edge materials that support high performance are continually increasing in the sports industries, which is why lightweight, highly rigid carbon fiber has been a favored material for many years. Since the 1970s, Teijin has been developing carbon fiber and carbon fiber intermediate materials for sports applications including fishing poles, golf shafts, hockey sticks, and tennis rackets. Teijin has now decided to accelerate its development of carbon fiber intermediate materials for sports applications utilizing the company’s proprietary carbon fiber technologies deployed in aircraft and satellites.

Tenax, named after a Latin word for tough or tenacious, includes intermediate materials that offer excellent tenacity and five times the strength the strength of steel but just one quarter of the weight.

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