Zhongfu Shenying and Lanzhou Petrochemical signed a strategic cooperation agreement

China’s Zhongfu Shenying and Lanzhou Petrochemical Company signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement in Lanzhou, Gansu province.

Liu Fang, general manager of Zhongfu Shenying, and Wang Xiaolu, general manager of Lanzhou Petrochemical Company, signed on behalf of both parties.

Western China base

Li Ruxin, executive director and party secretary of Lanzhou Petrochemical Company, stated in his speech that Lanzhou Petrochemical Company is a large-scale comprehensive refining and chemical enterprise integrating oil refining, chemical engineering, equipment manufacturing, engineering construction, and maintenance. It is an important refining and chemical production base in Western China with a strategic position in the energy industry. According to the company’s development plan, the next step will be to accelerate the construction of an acrylo-nitrile unit.

As a major enterprise in China’s carbon fiber industry, Zhongfu Shenying is developing the domestic carbon fiber industrial scale. Currently, according to the company, the 20,000-ton carbon fiber project of the wholly-owned subsidiary Zhongfu Shenying Xining Company is under construction. The project is planned to be carried out in two phases. The first 10,000-ton carbon fiber production capacity will be completed and put into operation in December 2021. After it is put into production, the construction of the second phase of the project will start.

As acrylo-nitrile is a key raw material for carbon fiber production, Zhongfu Shenying expects Lanzhou Petrochemical Company to provide support in the supply of acrylo-nitrile products. Through cooperation, both companies aim to jointly improve the self-sufficiency of domestic high-performance carbon fiber.


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