• Aramid Fibers
    Photo of Stunning see-through cello

    Stunning see-through cello

    Carbon fiber instruments have been introduced on the market for a couple of years. A research team from Ghent University and School of Arts Gent has been investigating the use of composite materials for string instruments. Now, one of their prototypes, a cello made from glass fiber, has been used…

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  • Carbon Fibers
    Photo of HOW IT'S MADE – Making a cello from carbon

    HOW IT'S MADE – Making a cello from carbon

    As part of a unique partnership between the School of Arts Ghent and Ghent University, and with the support of Research Foundation Flanders (FWO), Tim Duerinck developed, made and tested several composite violins and cellos. Carbon, glass and flax fibres all offer their own unique advantages and result in high…

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