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Eco Indiustrial Solutions, LLC

Eco Indiustrial Solutions, LLC

Eco Indiustrial Solutions, LLC
180 Roymar Rd., STE A, Oceanside, CA. 92058

Eco Industrial Solutions is a rapidly growing Environmental Supply company out of Oceanside, CA. We are the lead distributor of our Spill Bully brand of products, which focuses on creative and innovative ways to clean up oil spills using basalt mineral fibers. Our products not only allow our clients to clean up oil spills much more efficiently, but they can also do it without adverse health risks to their employees.

Eco Industrial Solutions was created in 2014, but it wasn’t until February of 2017 that we fully launched the business, starting with our line of Custom Spill Kits. Since then we have developed several strategic partnerships with businesses from all around the world, which has led to a much more extensive catalog of products that we can now offer. We are currently the only Environmental supply company in San Diego County, allowing our local customers to obtain the best products on the market but without the added logistics costs.

We have extensive experience in the following industries: Manufacturing, Construction, Haz Mat/Environmental, Power/Utility, Oil /Gas, Infrastructure, and Automotive.